Barry Elms

Author, Speaker and Business Coach

Barry Elms, President of Strategic Negotiations International, is considered by many to be America's business coach in sales & negotiating skills.

During a speaking career that spans over 20 years Barry has given over 2000 presentations worldwide. His energetic style and dynamic message will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Barry was born and educated in England and has worked in Sales, Customer Service, and Credit Management, as well as being CEO of companies in both Europe and America.

In addition to being a world class public speaker, Barry is also the author of numerous video and audio programs including: "Negotiate Your Way to Success", "Advanced Negotiation Skills", "Dialing for Dollars" and "The Art of Getting Paid".

Barry's entertaining and inspiring material is appreciated by a portfolio of clients that includes, General motors, Ford Motor Credit, American Express, Verizon, Dell Computers, Shell Oil, The Federal Reserve, and many other leading companies.

The very best speaker I have ever heard on any subject, and I have been to hundreds of seminars and spoken myself at hundreds of seminars

attendee CLL Conference 2003

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